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The first decade of adulthood is a flurry of foundation-building activities, including starting your career, building a family and establishing the assets you’ll eventually rely on in retirement. Unfortunately, saving for a future 40+ years away usually isn’t top of mind for most 20-somethings. Investing often falls low on the list of priorities, with many young adults assuming they’ve got plenty of time to establish and contribute to retirement accounts.

While it’s true time is on your side in your 20s, getting an early start on your financial future can put you well ahead of the game. Although it may seem overwhelming, there are ways to wade into the investing pool without diving directly into the deep end. For example:

Experts say 20 percent of your income should go toward savings and investments. While your income may not be at its peak in your 20s, you likely have fewer demands on your resources (like paying for a mortgage and your kid’s college tuition) and can better leverage whatever salary you’re earning.

One of the easiest ways to get started is by taking advantage of your employer’s 401(k) match. Many companies help you save for retirement by offering matching contributions to your 401(k) investing account, usually $.50 for each $1.00 you save, up to a specific percentage. At this stage, you should at least pony up enough of your own dough to earn the full employer match – otherwise, you’re leaving free money on the table.

With all the burgeoning responsibilities of your post-graduation years, managing your investments is one that can easily slip your mind. By putting your investment activities on autopilot, you can free your time for other tasks without neglecting your financial future. A robo-advisor can provide many of the benefits of an in-person investment advisor at a much lower cost. And since you’re not involved in the day-to-day management of your account, you can avoid getting spooked and making unwarranted and emotional changes to your account based on natural market fluctuations. (However, you’ll still need to examine your accounts at least annually to make sure you’re on track to reach your goals.)

Make it even easier on yourself by opting for automatic increases to your investing accounts. As your salary rises, you can automatically save more without noticing a big impact to your paycheck – it’s a win-win!

You don’t have to be an investing guru to have a well-balanced portfolio. Diversified investment vehicles such as index and target-date funds are designed as micro-representations of the entire financial market, piecing together stocks and bonds from different sectors and risk levels without requiring you to select each fund separately. This can help de-clutter your portfolio and provide for even more automation during these early investing years, as a target-date fund will automatically adjust its risk level as you get closer to retirement. Keep an eye on costs such as trading and maintenance fees; the Missguided Dropped Chain Bralet Official Site Cheap Price Buy Cheap Enjoy X7CsUT2O
should be no higher than roughly 0.5 percent.

Putting a few dollars here and there into an investing account may not seem significant, but those little cash injections can go a long way over time. If you put just $4 into a jar every day – the cost of your morning latte – you’ll have more than $100 to invest every month without really trying. And with many online Green Cotton Top 3/4length sleeves multicoloured Sale Very Cheap Outlet Collections Outlet New Free Shipping Clearance ZACJtpf9j
offering low account minimums (or no minimums at all), you can pretty much start investing with the coins under your couch cushions.

Time is not a renewable resource, and your future self will thank you for every penny you put toward investing while you’re in your 20s. By starting early, you can build yourself a hefty nest egg to help pay for the retirement lifestyle you want. It can be difficult to truly appreciate the value of those funds 40 or 50 years from now, but some simple math may make it easier:

If a 25-year-old invests $100 per month and achieves a modest 6-percent rate of return, they will have accumulated $185,700 by age 65. Waiting until 35 to start investing cuts that amount to $94,800, a difference of $90,900. That’s no chump change!

All too often, 20-somethings keep their money in safe, easily liquidable investments, such as certificates of deposit and money market accounts. While you might be wary of the financial markets following the ups-and-downs of the last several years, these conservative investment choices could be harmful to your future. Why? Because the lower rate of return usually doesn’t keep up with inflation over the long run. That means you’ll eventually end up with an investment that’s not much more valuable than it would be had you stashed your cash in a shoebox at home. Opening yourself to more risk, such as equities, will drive the growth you need to build long-term wealth. Plus, your age means you’ll have the opportunity to recoup any losses you may experience.

Your 20s are a time of learning and growth that set the stage for the rest of your life. These years are a once-in-a-lifetime chance to leverage time, opportunity and the power of compounding interest to create a comfortable financial future. What are you waiting for?

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To find out about more event, be sure to visit our Evans Cotton TShirt Free Shipping Discounts Very Cheap Cheap Online Clearance Store Sale Online Hot Sale For Sale Qqq05DWcYW
to see what our readers have recently shared! Have an event to share? Feel encouraged to self-post community events at any time!

April 7

All ages are welcome to the Slazenger Retro Vest Cheap Sale Discounts Release Dates Cheap Price Finishline For Sale Discount Limited Edition Release Dates Authentic ouYEGDUbW
, inspired by the current exhibition 体 Modern Images of the Body from East Asia , Saturday , April 7 from 11:30 am to 3:30 pm . The day’s events include: Storytime with Forbes Library (afterwards sign up for a library card!); Taiko drum performance; Art+Story comics workshop (space limited, sign up at the Welcome Table); Photobooth flipbook—Create your own keepsake flipbook by stepping into the mobile photo booth and getting your body in motion; Traditional Korean Dance Workshop; Tai Chi Workshop; and more! Also, visit the Sun Kim Bop Restaurant Food Truck outside the museum!

Mar 24, 25, 30 31

The Connecticut Trolley Museum will hold 100% Original Cheap Online Topshop Womens Soft Double Breasted Blazer 100% Guaranteed Sale Online Best Place Online 2018 Newest Sale Online GveMsM9OyX
, featuring pictures with the Easter Bunny , an Easter scavenger hunt , and crafts ! Take as many trolley rides as you would like operated by period dressed motormen. Inside the Visitor Center you will find more static trolley cars and artifacts, a theater showing a short film about trolleys and a gift shop to buy that ‘special’ souvenir. Entrance into the Connecticut Fire Museum complete with antique fire trucks and apparatus is included with admission price. 413-627-6540 . 58 North Road, East Windsor, CT .

Connecticut Trolley Museum Easter Bunny Fun Days pictures with the Easter Bunny scavenger hunt and crafts 413-627-6540 58 North Road, East Windsor, CT

Open House: Mar 24

Open House: March 24, 10am-12noon. Best kept secret in Amherst ! Spring Street Preschool is an independent, progressive preschool located in downtown Amherst. Experienced and caring teachers provide opportunities for constructive play, literacy learning, friendship development and creative arts. Spring Street Preschool has two outdoor play spaces, including a nature playground. Enrolling children from 2 yrs 9 months – 5 years. Flexible schedule with hours from 8am-5:30pm and affordable tuition. Spring Street Preschool is a non-denominational preschool located behind the Congregational Church. To schedule a tour call 413-256-8442 or email Collections PRETTYLITTLETHING Shape Nude PU Curve Hem Bodycon Skirt Clearance New Styles Comfortable Cheap Online Fast Express Yk28v3
. For more info visit .

Outlet Where To Buy PRETTYLITTLETHING Mustard Tie Front Frill Sleeve Blouse Sale Pictures Outlet Cheap Online Outlet Locations ErKR2ALd

by SKIN Woman Stretchpima Cotton And Tulle Lowrise Thong Size XS Classic Cheap Online Footlocker Finishline Cheap Online Collections Cheap Online Cheap Outlet Locations afrc4Y

My very first reveal post!! I will be the first to admit that I might not have been entirely ready for this 6 week blogging and design challenge. I had a whopping 2, yes TWO blog posts up before deciding to tackle this project. I am learning as I go and doing something like this was exactly what I needed to jumpstart my enthusiasm for this blogging and design community. Although I had a dozen rooms I could have chosen for this challenge, I decided on the recently converted shared bedroom for our girls. I think the final result is the perfect blend of playful and functional… with just the right amount of pink! I hope you love it as much as we do!

Now to the good stuff. Let’s start off with a good old fashioned before and after.

This room has a few challenges that I simply cannot change. The biggest one is the layout itself. When we moved in this house a little over 3 years ago, we built out this room from unfinished basement space. We had to build around pipes, furnaces, exposed ducts and everything else you would think belongs in a basement. I used it as an office/workout area for the last couple of years so it really wasn’t an issue for what I needed. The second challenge is no natural light! We attached this area to a room with a window so we opted for french doors to let in of the natural light, but it’s not a lot to work with.

My design goal was to take all of the things mentioned above and create a bedroom and play area that my girls would love. We have no room for an actual playroom,so we really wanted this area to incorporate their books and toys as much as possible in an organized way that wouldn’t drive this mama crazy. I tried as hard as I could to give the space some symmetry, but in the end, the room was divided into areas of each of the girls beds, a play area, and their “changing” area. (I wish I had a changing/wardrobe area!)

Have I mentioned this room is HUGE? Awkwardly shaped, but huge.

The Discounts Sale Online Boohoo Mila Polka Dot Off the Shoulder Midi Dress Free Shipping Lowest Price Cheap Sale Finishline Sale Sneakernews fvBzG
was a statement choice that I started with so I kept most of my choices in line with this print. I tried to stay as neutral as possible with other pieces so that I could affordably change up this room in the years to come. The vinyl removable wallpaper was SO easy to install and I love that I can easily remove it if needed. No commitment!

The board and batten was also something that I added right before we moved the girls into this room. It was something that I had been itching to DIY in my home. I was 9+ months pregnant and it took me less than a day! I used basic 1×4 pine boards and painted them Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore to match the trim throughout our home. I love the character that trim and wall treatments add to a room and I have been scheming how to add variations of this in other rooms.

The room lacked a closet all together so I had hung up some closet rods with 1×12’s as a temporary solution. The addition of this IKEA pax wardrobe alone immediately made the entire room feel more put together. I built a simple plywood platform to raise the entire wardrobe system to allow our 5 1/2″ trim to go underneath. This gives it a built in feel that was relatively simple to achieve. I am still waiting on hardware and plan to add some trim to the doors, but I am over the moon with how this turned out. I plan to do a full tutorial after I finish these to go over every last detail.

I took time to do a pretty thorough purge on both girls clothing which was very exhilarating. Theyhave really taken ownership of their new organized space which makes me so so proud! If you are in the hunt for a closet alternative, I highly recommend these systems. The accessory tray alone has made getting ready easier and more efficient. Pretty and functional – it doesn’t get any better than that!

The dollhouse makeover was a really fun part of this room that I didn’t originally plan on. If you check back to my Week 6 progress, you can see where this bookshelf started. I found it in our basement storage while I was hunting for other things I could bring out of retirement. To say that it has been popular with ALL of my kids is an understatement. Take note of this bed above before scrolling to the next picture.

See that fancy white and brass upholstered headboard? I had been wanting to DIY a new headboard for their beds for a while now. Their current one was SO low and they were constantly hitting their heads on it. I can’t complain for the $40 we spent on the entire bed, but an upgrade was definitely needed. I went around and bought the entire city of Green Bay out of brass upholstery tacks so I didn’t start the second one yet. I used a 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby and got this white denim fabric for $16 TOTAL (for TWO headboards). The project took about 4 hours total and it came out beautifully.

I am also in love with our new Beddy’s bedding! Sometimes there are those things that seem too good to be true, and then there are those things that are just too good. This zipper bedding fits over the entire mattress and box spring so that the bed looks so tidy all the time. My 2 year old loves unzipping her bed each night and even if she doesn’t make it herself, it takes me all of 20 seconds to make it look instagram ready. My son has asked me too many times for his own to ignore, so it is officially on his Christmas list!

There’s nothing like taking photos to make you realize things that you’re missing (doorknob is now officially on order!) This is the view from my son’s room into the girls room. Right now, they are all so young and close in age that they don’t mind the lack of privacy or separation. This might change as they get older but for right now, it has allowed us to have all the kids in one area and they absolutely love it. We have the nursery right next to our bedroom upstairs which is perfect. As he gets older, our plan would be to move Atticus into our older sons room to make room for an upstairs office. That would also mean that we don’t have a baby in the house anymore so I’m not in a hurry for that anytime soon!

I wanted to be intentional with the accessories in the room. We have been trying to downsize on toys and instead focus on activities and creative playtime. It has only taken a few tea parties and some intentional dollhouse decorating sessions to make me feel like we’ve created the perfect space for our girls!

A big thanks to Linda from Calling it Home and her media partner House Beautiful ! I can say with 100% certainty that I would not have had the motivation and determination to create this room without her efforts and the One Room Challenge .

Also special thank you to my friend Jenn Koss Hansen Photos for making this room come to life through the lens.

There are so many beautiful room that were created by the 20 chosen bloggers and almost 200 guest bloggers. Make sure you head over to get your daily inspiration

You can find the 20 featured design bloggers and their amazing transformation here!

Head over to see the other guest participants final reveals here!

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